Changing Places in Albany (6 July 2018)

Changing Places in Albany

After six years of planning and four years since lodging the grant application, we will have a Changing Places facility in Albany, due to open at the end of July.  The facility is located just behind The View restaurant at the Entertainment Centre, at the exit point of the overhead footbridge linking to Stirling Terrace.

Changing Places are secure, clean facilities for people with disability who need space and assistance to use the bathroom when out and about in the community.

The facility will be locked using a Master Locksmith Access Key (MLAK) system. This system keeps the Changing Places network secure, safe and reserved for people who need them, whilst allowing people with disability 24/7 access.

Everyone with a companion card will be receiving a letter inviting them to apply for a MLAK key. Temporary keys are also available (in the case of a lost key or visitor) at the City of Albany Visitor Centre or North Road office for a $20 bond. CLA will have its own key which we can lend out temporarily if required.

Equipment will have instructions and people are asked to supply their own towels, slings and cleansing products and wipes. The facility does offer disposable table covers and bins for any waste as well as soap on tap.

Contact CLA’s Community Manager Lisa Archibald to find out more about LifeSkills – CLA’s educational and social activities for people with disabilities.

Photo of our Community Manager Lisa Archibald