Book Review – My Write Foot: The Maurice Lock Story

Photo of My Write Foot: The Maurice Lock Story By Maggie Greathead

Resources Book Review My Write Foot: The Maurice Lock Story By Maggie GreatheadThis is an amazing biography about local Albany man, Maurice Lock.

Written by Maggie Greathead with full participation by Maurice and containing excerpts from newspaper articles, archive material of the Cerebral Palsy Association of Western Australia from the 20 to 30 year old files of when Maurice lived in Perth under the auspices of the then Spastic Welfare Association, and over 30 other contributors.  These comprise family, friends, workmates, and acquaintances who over the years have contributed to the rich fabric of the life of Maurice.

Written by Maggie, initially a Silver Chain support worker, who got to know Maurice over an eleven-year period, she has helped Maurice write his life story, that she says was a great privilege, and ended being a tribute to him and his achievements.

Maurice was born with Cerebral Palsy in 1939.  Maggie has included a section about Cerebral Palsy in the preface of the book which is very informative and factual covering the main types of Cerebral Palsy and living with the disability, ageing, and maintaining physical and mental health.  A further short section gives an insight into the changing attitudes to people living with a disability in the community over the course of Maurice’s life.

Maurice writes with his right foot, along with doing many other tasks we might do with our hands.  This is the essence of Maurice – finding ingenious ways to accomplish the things he’s wanted and needed to do in his life.   It is Maurice’s wish to help break down barriers and improve communication between abled and disabled communities, and to encourage others with disabilities to pursue their hopes and dreams.

A copy of ‘My Write Foot‘ is available to CLA Customers, families and staff from the front office at 36 Cockburn Road.

This book review was written by Support Worker Janet Snell.  To find out more about Support Worker Janet, click here.