Film Review Temple Grandin (2010)

Photo of Film Templin Grandin
Claire Danes plays Temple Grandin in a biopic about a woman with autism who overcomes adversity to become a leader in the humane treatment of cattle in the livestock slaughter industry.

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Set in a time when autism wasn’t understood, Grandin’s mother Eustacia, played by Julia Ormond, is told autism is caused by lack of affection in the infancy stage and that institutionalisation is the only option for her 4 year old daughter.

Helped by a loving and caring mother, as well as a few understanding and compassionate teachers, Grandin goes on to not only finish high school but also graduate from college with a bachelor in human psychology and a master’s degree in animal science. Over fifty percent of the cattle in North America are handled in a more humane and efficient way thanks to a system designed by Temple Grandin.

Directed by Mick Jackson the movie starts with a teenage Grandin and gives you very little introduction, instead it gives the viewer insight into what life is like for a person with autism and how overstimulation can affect that person.

Grandin’s backstory is cleverly shown through flashbacks throughout the movie. Jackson’s directing gives the viewer’s perspective on not only how the world sees Grandin, but also on how she sees the world and how her mind works. This is accompanied by an excellent performance from Claire Danes, whose attention to detail really brings the character alive and earned her a Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actress in a MiniSeries.

This film is available through the WA state library and is also available for download on iTunes https://

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