Technology – What’s Up with WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a free communication application available on Android and IOS phones, originally released in 2009. WhatsApp offers a free text messaging and calling service provided over the internet. Users create an individual account based on the mobile number of the device where it is installed. All WhatsApp communications are secured on the device which can only be read by the sender and the user.

WhatsApp group messaging is an effective and free way of communicating in groups or single users. As a way of organising and planning Thursday’s social micro-group, Support Worker Clinton O’Brien and others involved have started using WhatsApp. Using a group message, the members plan and RSVP for the Thursday group events along with making changes on the fly that everyone can easily be aware of (for example, “Pool’s closed so going to the beach instead”). WhatsApp group messages is quick, effective and keeps everyone up to date at the same time.

By Aaron Gravestock, IT Project Officer