Photo of Our Partners Anglicare Financial Counselling

Our Partners Anglicare Financial Counselling

Financial counselling helps people work through any problems they are having with money. This may include managing a household budget, negotiating outstanding bills, or saving for the future.  Counsellors not only help solve immediate problems, but teach people how to maintain their own financial stability independently. Financial counselling can:

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  • Increase your financial skills and knowledge
  • Give you the tools to deal with financial issues
  • Encourage you to be more proactive and accountable with your finances
  • Allow you to plan for long term financial stability
  • Provide information and options to address financial problems
  • Assist with resolutions if necessary
  • Advocate and negotiate with creditors
  • Make referrals to other useful services in the community
  • Provide information about government assistance that may be available
  • Support Customers in developing their own budget
  • Relay relevant information about consumer credit and bankruptcy
  • Make assessments of financial situations

Financial counselling is available to anyone and is free.  An assessment of your financial position will be made with the information you provide.  A Financial Counsellor will assist you to develop an action plan and will work with you until your situation is resolved.

Anglicare’s Financial Counsellors are by an oath of confidentiality in relation to counselling sessions.

To make an appointment in Albany with a Financial Counsellor, call Anglicare WA  on 9845 6666.

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Anglicare Financial Counsellers Claire and Murray

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