Kyle* is a teenager with Autism supported by CLA Support Worker Peter Green. Since Peter began working with Kyle early in 2016, his quality of life and outlook has improved beyond words. Kyle was experiencing depression, poor self-confidence, and was rarely attending school. 

* client’s name changed to protect their privacy

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Kyle’s outlook was becoming increasingly isolated. When Peter came along, he quietly began to work alongside Kyle. Peter’s gentle, kind nature, and endless positivity are simply infectious. Peter’s interpersonal skills have established a relationship with Kyle, which has completely changed his outlook on life. Peter has been able to help Kyle to see his unique capacities and has encouraged him to persevere through many of life’s struggles.

Peter made every effort to get to know Kyle’s interests and then gently began to expand his horizons. The new opportunities that have resulted from Peter’s involvement with Kyle have had a huge impact on his attitude, outlook, and self-confidence. Kyle has become more socially active, becoming involved in a whole range of new activities that he would never have considered before. Some of the new activities include fishing, sports, music, playing the guitar and cycling.

Peter has a considerate approach toward those he supports, and when he goes fishing with Kyle he always considers his choices around the best fishing spot for the day. Sometimes Kyle may not feel up to managing some of the busier fishing spots and Peter will often choose the Kalgan Bridge to fish from, as Kyle says it is a peaceful place for him, and on the hotter days, the river provides a cool breeze. During these fishing sessions, Kyle will often open up about things he finds challenging and also about general things he enjoys. This time spent with Peter is invaluable, as it has provided a safe space for Kyle to express himself openly without prejudice or judgement.

Peter has also helped Kyle to connect and build relationships with his service provider, CLA. he and Peter will often stop in to visit the staff at CLA, to say hello or play a game or two of table tennis. Peter has taught Kyle the rules and patiently offered the skills required to become a proficient table tennis player. Kyle now plays long rallies and is an excellent opponent for players of varying skill levels.

Peter has also encouraged and assisted Kyle to access community activities independently, supporting him to ease in, and helping him to make connections with others who attend. Apart from Peter’s encouragement and guidance, Kyle would have been unlikely to attend or begin to build these connections. Kyle now attends Adaptive Sports most Wednesdays, and has now played soccer there for one full season.

Kyle has told Peter that he struggles with his body image, and that he would like to improve fitness. Peter has inspired Kyle to increase his confidence for this area of his life, and shown him how to take more control over his fitness levels.

From being a teenager who was very socially isolated, Kyle now participates in a whole range of physical outdoor activities including cycling, swimming at the beach, and going for walks. This guided approach of looking at his health has reaped improvements in other areas of Kyle’s life too, as Kyle now sleeps-in less frequently and is more active and motivated about life.

Kyle struggles interacting in crowds of people, as he finds these environments overstimulating, causing anxiety. Peter has shown sensitivity around Kyle’s needs in this aspect of his life, intentionally connecting him with small groups, building Kyle’s confidence.

Peter has also encouraged Kyle to communicate with the sales assistants, and taught him how to pay for his own purchases.

In summary, the impact of Peter’s involvement with Kyle has been overwhelmingly positive. Peter also works with other young men with disabilities, achieving similar results, he is simply an inspiration.


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Support Worker Peter

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