The day after celebrating his 77th birthday, Albany man Bryan was knocked from his bike while holidaying in Broome.  Bryan is a keen cyclist and belongs to the over 55’s cycling club in Albany and regularly cycles 50-70 km on an average cycle.  He also hits the Mundi Biddi track on his mountain bike with friends.   [read more=”Read More” less=”Read Less”] The driver drove through a Give-Way sign, ploughing into Bryan who was knocked from his bike unconscious. Fortunately for Bryan, an off-duty ambulance happened to be passing and the Flying

Doctors were on their way to Broome airport, so he was quickly transferred to Royal Perth hospital.  Bryan was diagnosed with bleeding on the brain and a broken hip. 

When he woke and found himself in hospital, Bryan experienced memory loss, felt heavy and groggy and realised very soon that the road to recovery was going to be long and hard.  However, because of his excellent fitness levels, surgeons were able to operate on him almost immediately.   

Fortunately, the costs of his hospitalisation and recovery support were covered by his car insurance.  Bryan is a very positive person and has shown great determination to make a full recovery. 

His speedy recovery was assisted by a team of CLA Support Workers who helped Bryan particularly in the early days of his release from hospital when he was confined to a wheelchair. CLA Support Worker Fiona Jeffrey helps Bryan with housework and drives Bryan to his physiotherapy and hydrotherapy sessions. Support Worker Ray Ryder help Bryan maintain his garden until he gets back to full fitness.  

Now, a year after the accident, Bryan is almost fully recovered and still getting some support from CLA.