Photo of Our Partners SecondBite Food For People In Need

Our Partners SecondBite Food For People In Need

The SecondBite Community Connect program manages relationships between hundreds of community organizations and local food donors across Australia to enable surplus food rescue.

This sustainable program addresses the issues of food waste, facilitates corporate social responsibility, supports community organisations with limited budgets to save money and improves people in need’s access to healthy, nutritious food.

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CLA in Albany have been a fantastic partner on this program, maintaining regular collections from their local Coles store three times a week and using this healthy food in their agency services. CLA provides support for people with disabilities, and their families, to maximise personal well-being, choice and inclusion.

The partnership between SecondBite and CLA continues to grow and we wish CLA all the best with continuing to run such vital community support services.

Susannah Kennedy
Senior Community Connect Co-ordinator
73 McClure Road, Kensington, VIC 3031
Telephone: (03) 9376-3800 | Fax: (03) 9376 3822