Photo of Support Worker, Clinton

Support Worker – Clinton

Support Worker Clinton O’Brien has changed the life of family in crisis.

The family who own and run a successful business in the Great Southern self-managing their son Tom* who in their own words is “Autistic, non-verbal and frequently very aggressive”. This family live in a rural area, and finding support is a constant challenge.

* client’s name changed to protect their privacy

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They desperately required respite due to some severe medication side effects Tom had been affected by, but like many families were afraid to invite an outsider into their lives seeing it as their duty to manage.

Almost at breaking point they finally accepted respite and Clinton stepped in, accepting the hour-long journey to assist.  Clinton has strengthened the caring capacity of this family which enabled their son to remain at home and has in turn increased this family’s health and wellbeing, knowing they have support if and when required and that they are not alone.

In their own words:

“By supporting and caring for Tom*, Clinton has enabled us as a family to stay together during this very, very hard time and gives us hope that Tom’s world will become a better place.  It is our belief that Clinton is not only an asset to CLA, but to us as a family and to any client who is fortunate to receive care from him. The passion Clinton displays for caring and supporting Tom has enabled us as a family to remain together during this very, very hard time and gives us hope that with people like Clinton in Tom’s life ongoing, that his little world will become a better place, slowly but day by day and we thank Clinton for this hope and encouragement.”