Photo of Support Worker, Fiona

Support Worker – Fiona and client Melinda

We asked Fiona to share a typical day in her life as a Support Worker for CLA.

“It’s Tuesday afternoon and I’ve just changed into my gym gear. I’m off to work with Melinda. We do a workout at BodyCare Health Club for 30 minutes. This is our first session of the week, two more to go!

Mel’s ready when I arrive so I check she has water and a towel and off we go. We work our way around the exercise machines, then Mel goes on the rowing machine last.

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We change into warm clothes as we are off to Coles to do our weekly shop. We have our shopping list typed by Mel.  She chooses a quick healthy recipe for dinner – no more than 30 minutes to prepare & cook.

We spend about an hour in Coles walking up & down the aisles. It turns out to be a bit of a social gathering as Mel meets old support workers plus friends from Activ. The staff are very friendly and always happy to chat.

We usually get back about 5:30pm and Mel puts her shopping away.  Cookbooks are something Mel loves, so we have a look at possible recipes for next week. Then we start to cook. We grate lots of vegetable & hide them in the spaghetti bolognese as Mel will eat them if she can’t see them! We take turns at washing the dishes.

We watch TV and both take our vitamins at 8pm. Mel makes me a hot chocolate & we have a snowball.  Bedtime is 11pm; we have a doctor’s appointment at 9am & then off to the gym so we need to get to bed!”

Fiona was recently nominated by Melinda for the Support Worker of the Year Award.  Melinda said about Fiona:

“She has a lovely kind heart and she cares about people and has a really good sense of humour.  She’s marvellous!”