9G Tractor to visit CLA

Being in isolation can be boring and lonely. But here at CLA, we are organising exciting incursions and activities at 56 Cockburn Road. We have adopted stringent sanitising procedures here at “The Hub at 56,” in order to keep our facility available for recreational purposes. Participants and Support Workers are utilising the space for pool, jukebox, darts, table-tennis, board games, drawing and bike riding. We also have incursions in order to engage our participants in life skills.

In early May, we had a couple of very special tractor enthusiasts visit CLA with two magnificent orange tractors. Steve Mitchell (husband of CLA Coordinator, Carolyn Mitchell), and his best friend Allan Pierce, drove the registered tractors from Lower Kalgan to “The Hub at 56”. Steve said “The tractors are remarkably reliable and very enjoyable to drive.” Carolyn added “It’s the best way to see the country, the outback and a great way to meet new people.”

Steve and Allan restored both of their tractors to their former glory, using authentic parts and traditional colours for the finishing touch.

The Chamberlain 9G tractors were built in 1962, in Welshpool, WA. They have a maximum speed of 40km per hour and in their day, were very reliable farm vehicles. Steve and Allan have travelled all around Australia with their wives, in their tractors, from Albany to Darwin.

On another occasion, they drove them from Albany to Cape York returning through the central desert of Australia. They have also towed caravans and campers, raising money for Children’s Hospitals and the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

The bright orange vehicles certainly caught the attention and interest of our participants who were allowed to sit inside the cabins and ask questions. A big thank you to Steve and Allan for driving their impressive tractors to CLA for our participants to experience.

Timothy Fairley
Experiences Coordinator