Adaptive Sports

Last month I had the pleasure of attending adaptive sports down at Albany leisure center.

The experience began with the introduction of the new participants and acknowledging the efforts of individuals at the last Adaptive Sports session. After a stretch and a bit of a warm-up, participants were able to choose between basketball, cricket or grabbing a ball and creating their own fun.

Everyone made an effort to ensure that all participants had the opportunity to join in. The experience was flexible enough to allow individuals to gauge their own level of involvement.

I was delighted at the positive feedback I received. One participant informed me that he enjoyed coming down every week to catch up with his friends. Cricket was his preferred activity as he was a skilled bowler.

Another participant reported that he liked everything about the experiences and would recommend it to other people. The experience had a real social element where participants came down just to watch the games and socialize with their friends. It’s certainly something I’d recommend when we are all able to get out and about again.

Patrick Kerr – Mentor