David’s NDIS Pre-Planning Experience

My experience with the NDIS pre planning has been ok. I got help from Stephanie Warren from Department of Communities, from Sandi Martin who is one of my carers and also CLA and was a trooper and I want to thank her for helping me with it.

I am looking forward to getting a million dollars a year – I hope! Actually I just want to find out what I am getting. I hope to get my new NDIS plan soon.

If I do get more support, I hope to have my carers here more often. It would make me feel more secure and it would mean I can feel safe and also have help to respond to a situation.

With extra funding it would mean I can get my scooter fixed, so I can go out in the community with my carers to do things a lot more.

I’m also interested in trying new activities like going to Albany Community Care, Speedway and any comedy shows that are on at the Entertainment Centre.

Written by David Foote.