Job Seeker – Leo digs it!

CLA participant, Leo Nayda, was recently employed by Dardy Yardies and business owner, Amanda De Bonde, couldn’t be happier!

Leo has been busy learning new skills including planting, pruning, weeding, and mulching to make those gardens really pop. Leo said the garden beds look great after they have been mulched.

In his second week on the job, when Leo was asked what he thought of his new job, he said “It’s great. I really enjoy talking to and helping out our elderly HACC customers. I feel like I’m giving something back.”

Another CLA participant, Josh Spouse, has also started with Dardy Yardies and is getting a feel for the job.

Amanda has 25 years’ experience working with people with disability and her daughter also uses a wheelchair. Her passion for helping people in aged care and those living with disability has led to her new venture, Dardy Yardies, which provides opportunities for people with disability, to gain meaningful employment.

The business provides gardening and maintenance services to Home and Community Care (HACC) clients, NDIS participants and to the public.

Dardy Yardies is always looking for new gardens to help maintain and would be very happy to quote on your garden needs and be able to employ more CLA participants.