National Volunteer Week

National Volunteer Week is heading our way from the 18-24th of May. In recognition, we would like to thank our Volunteer Host Families.

Our Volunteer Host Families are a part of the CLA community that some may not be aware of. These amazing people give their time and open their homes to our participants, making it possible for them to experience spending time with another family. This is an alternative model of support for people who might live with their family.

The people will often spend a weekend with their Host Family, joining in all of the activities that family might normally do, and also participate in extra activities that support the person to reach their goals and grow in their skills and confidence within an area that interests them.

A recent account of a weekend from one of our hosts included comments such as “we celebrated his birthday with oven fired pizza and dessert, which he very much seemed to enjoy” ..and another time “We made a pattern, out of butcher’s paper of a character he is really into. I sewed it up, he stuffed it with wadding, and he coloured it in with fabric pens, which he said he really enjoyed doing.”

This is just an example of the many and varied activities our participants get up to with their Host Families.

We are so grateful to our Host Families for providing such a valuable service for our participants and their families. Thank you to our volunteers and keep up the good work!

Jolene Olde – Coordinator