CEO Update – September 2020

I am very pleased to advise that I have recently reviewed our draft financial statement for the year and can report that CLA finds itself is an exceptionally strong financial position. This is important because we are investing significant resources in ensuring that our organisation is fully compliant to the exceptionally strict standards required by the NDIS National Quality and Safeguarding Framework which are being rolled out from December. These changes, in conjunction with new disability Worker Screening standards being implemented by both the Western Australian government and the NDIS, will ensure that participants have a higher level of protection than what is currently being enforced.

Worker screening is a way to help check that our people who are working, or new employees who wish to work for CLA with NDIS participants, don’t present an unacceptable risk to participants with a disability. Worker screening is an important tool in the recruitment, selection and screening processes of an NDIS provider and assists in the ongoing review of the suitability of workers.

This investment in our people, will ensure that the highest level of protection is available in conjunction with our intention to undertake ISO 9001 Human Services Framework accreditation, and will provide the highest level of quality assurance. These are some of the reasons to take into consideration when receiving services from a registered NDIS provider.

2020 has been the year in which CLA disability services have demonstrated, through your and our hard work, commitment, innovation and resilience, a remarkable capacity to withstand the worst impacts of a pandemic. In doing so, we have continued to support people with disability as well as could ever have been expected in the circumstances. More than this, we have embraced the opportunity presented by the pandemic to try new ways of doing things. In doing so, we have enhanced the lives of our people, in ways which they (and often their families) had not imagined would be possible. Let’s keep moving forward and making great things happen.