Silent Disco

Join in the fun of our Silent Disco launch event on Friday 9 June at 56.

CLA is proud to present this brand new program with the support from Rio Tinto.

A Silent Disco is a unique and exciting event where people come together to dance and enjoy music, but with a twist—everyone wears wireless headphones instead of traditional speakers. This innovative concept creates a vibrant and immersive experience that engages all participants.

Our Silent disco offers an inclusive and accessible environment that caters to a wide range of ages, musical tastes, and abilities. Participants can choose from 3 music channels, and people with different preferences can enjoy the event simultaneously. It’s an opportunity for people of all backgrounds to come together, dance, and celebrate music in a harmonious environment.

Don’t miss our launch event hosted live by DJ Kevin Van Buerle and enjoy and energetic atmosphere, personalised experience, social interaction, a noise-free environment, flexibility and freedom, and inclusivity.

This event is free for CLA participants only. Food and drink provided.

Please RSVP to reception by 6/6/23 Contact


Silent Disco at 56